The company recently rolled out an iOS and Android app that allows people to view promotional content for their favorite olive garden brands.

The Olive Garden is currently in the process of rolling out the new promotions to all of its stores, and a Facebook page with the new app will go live later today.

I’ve got to say, the Olive Gourmet is one of my favorites.

This is a great new app that will help us celebrate the best in olive farming, and it’s available for both iOS and Google Play, according to a tweet from Olive Garden President/CEO Andrew Ritter.

The app, which you can find here, will also include live feed from some of the Olive Gardens top olive producers, such as Chantilly and Tuscany.

You can also download the app and view a live feed of some of your favorite restaurants, including the Olive City and Olive Garden locations.

For Android users, the app is currently only available for Android 1.0, with an update to be coming later this week.

Here’s the OliveGourmet app for iOS.

Apple is rolling out a new Olive Garden promotion that lets you view Olive Garden promotions on both iOS devices and Android devices, with the goal of helping people more easily get the latest information. 

As part of the app’s new functionality, you can see what brands are featured in your favorite Olive Garden products and select to get in on the action by buying a new bottle or ordering a product online.

You’ll also be able to see how your purchases are performing, and you can even get in touch with the Olive Guild, the company behind the Olive Tree, the first-ever olive farming cooperative. 

The Olive Guild is in the midst of its first season, and as part of that, it is allowing members to see promotions for their brand, such a Chantillys olive, as well as get more info on its products. 

You can check out the OliveGreen promotion here for iOS and here for Android.

You should also check out Olive Garden-themed events on Instagram, such this one from Tuscana, and if you can’t find something, then the Olive Green Festival is a good opportunity to try something new.

The Olive Green event is currently rolling out to Olive Garden stores in the US, and Olive Green’s UK, Italy, and Spain stores are also on the way.

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