You can spend less time at home and more time online.

According to a new study, the Indian population spends about 8 hours per day in a house.

This is slightly lower than the OECD average of 16 hours, but higher than the United States, where the average time spent at home is about 6 hours.

This difference in time spent on the internet, and the fact that India has the lowest internet penetration in the world, makes India a great place to start a business, the researchers said.

“We have been living online since 2004, when Facebook was launched,” said Anand Gopalakrishnan, lead author of the study, who worked with social network platform WhatsApp to study the effects of online presence on economic activity.

“People in India are more likely to engage online in order to share their news and information, whether it is about their business, family, friends or family members.”

We found that a high degree of online activity was associated with a low income, but it also increased the risk of unemployment, poor health and higher rates of mental health issues,” Gopalakhrishnan told Quartz.

This, he added, was “likely to be because many people in India lack the skills to become self-employed.”

The findings suggest that Indians need to be aware of the importance of being online, and start thinking about how they can better use this time to engage with their community, and find jobs.2.

Your job security can be a real challenge.

According in the study by the India Institute of Management, a non-profit research organisation, Indians are more worried about losing their jobs than they are about unemployment, and are more willing to seek help if they need it.

It’s the best place to invest in a business.”

While job insecurity may not be as much a concern in other advanced economies, in India it can be an obstacle for some employees,” the report said.3.

It’s the best place to invest in a business.

India is home to some of the most innovative companies in the Indian economy, including Facebook and Snapdeal, and its a country that has been touted as one of the “fastest-growing” countries in the developed world.

“It’s not surprising that the country has become a magnet for venture capital funding, as there is a strong ecosystem of young talent that is highly motivated to work in this sector,” Gopi Gowda, founder and managing director of KPMG India, told Quartz in an email.

“The most common investment strategy for venture firms is to go for a high-profile, established company with high prospects for success, which means more opportunities for them to scale up.

The Indian public is generally very open to new ideas and a good set of contacts in the sector, which gives them an edge over their international peers,” she added.4.

It has a very low corporate tax rate.

The average rate of corporation tax in India is only 1.9%, which is lower than other high-income countries such as Germany, which has the highest rate in the OECD, and Switzerland, which sits at 5.5%.

However, this means that if you’re a small business owner in India, there’s no tax incentive to set up in the country, and if you do set up, you’re likely to pay a much higher tax rate than if you opened up a local business in that country, Gopiasaid.

In a country where you can expect to pay as little as 1% tax on your earnings, you may be better off investing in India than a business in a country with a higher corporate tax, according to a 2015 study by India-based consultancy KPM GOV.

The country’s corporate tax has been among the highest in the industrialized world since it was set at 10% in 2005.

“If you want to make money, the easiest way to do that is to create a business and make a profit,” Gospa said.5.

You have more options than ever.

While the number of people in the US who use Facebook has grown by over 3 million since 2013, India has more than doubled the number who do.

As the report notes, India’s population has grown about 40% since 2013.

“This is likely due to the huge number of Indians living abroad,” Gompa said, adding that many of these “people do not have the time or skills to start up a business”.

India also has the largest online community in the region, and it’s growing rapidly.

“When you think of India, it’s a place that has the opportunity to become a great online nation, with the highest online penetration in Asia and Latin America, and where the Internet is very accessible to most of the population,” Gopolakhrishna said.6.

The government has been giving you some of that money.

The India Development Bank (IDB), which has been a vocal proponent of

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