How a product advertises itself has a profound effect on how customers see the product.

But it can also be hard to understand and explain.

In a new article published in the journal BMC Health Research, a team of researchers from India has come up with a new way to explain the meaning behind the word ‘adhesion’.

In this article, they explore how the word adhesion can be used to promote and sell products, which is often confusing.

“A lot of the time, a product doesn’t say ‘adhesive’, it just says ‘applies’ to the products surface,” said K. Krishnan, the senior author of the study.

“We were able to make it clear in a smartphone app that it is a adhesive that applies to the surface of the device.”

To illustrate the point, the team first took a look at how many people use a smartphone adhesive.

“We wanted to find out whether or not people used adhesives that are applied to the smartphone screen,” Krishnan said.

They found that the majority of people using smartphone adhesions are looking for a ‘battery life’ guarantee.

“The smartphone user who does not have a high battery life may not have an adhesion adhesive at all, but the smartphone user with a high recharge rate may have an adhesive that gives a certain amount of life,” he said.

The team found that people who had a high charge rate were more likely to use an adhesive when it was applied to their smartphone screen.

“This means that there are certain devices that are more likely than others to be used for battery life,” Krishnans team said.

This finding may be particularly relevant to the emerging mobile phone market, where consumers are increasingly choosing smartphones that provide more life than those that don’t.

“For instance, it has been estimated that between 10 percent and 15 percent of smartphone users are using their smartphone to recharge their battery,” he added.

Krishnan said the study was a “proof of concept” that can help improve the understanding of how people use smartphone adheresives.

The researchers used data from over 300,000 smartphone users to create a battery life app, which showed that the app was used by 7.2 percent of the users.

“By making the app more appealing to smartphone users, we can better understand what they are searching for when they are looking at ads,” Krishnam said.

Karen B. Bose, the study’s lead author, said that this app could also help to understand how people are using adhesive products.

“People will typically look for a device with a very high recharge-rate, but there may be a low battery life guarantee as well, so it is important to find a product that has an adhesive in the app that will help recharge the battery faster,” she said.

Bose said the team hopes to improve the app’s user experience and make it easier for smartphone users who are new to adhesiveness to use it.

“It is very important to understand what people are looking on their smartphone screens, and the apps that are available for this information,” she added.

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