By JIM WATSONIn his first post as CEO of the Domino, Jimmy Dorey is taking aim at the pizza delivery company’s recent promotions, including the promotion of the first two videos in the “Don’t Give Up” series, and its recent acquisition of the online dating site

The Domino CEO also says the company will no longer accept gift cards for its products, saying it has received enough feedback to make the change.

Domino’s, which is expected to report a net loss of $1.9 billion for the third quarter of this year, is expected by analysts to report $7.4 billion in revenue this year and $9.2 billion in 2016.

It said last month that it will not raise its stock price or share price this year.The “Don�t Give Up!” video series, which was first broadcast in June, had its first episode on Thursday.

The video, which stars singer and actor Jack White, includes an introduction from White, and a music video featuring an older man telling a story about his father, who died of heart failure.

The company also announced the release of a new version of its app that is free for consumers and includes the first video.

The new “Don”t Give up” video will be available on the app for free for nine weeks.

The new video will also feature an audio track by rapper Macklemore and a video clip from the show.

The video will include a voiceover by White, who is a member of the White Stripes.

The first two video episodes in the series, called “Don’n Give Up and a New Song” and “Give Up and the First Time,” were available on YouTube on Tuesday.

The “Don”n Give up and a new song video will launch this week on YouTube.

The first episode of the video was available for free on the Dominopolis website on Tuesday and will remain free through Friday, Domino�s CEO said in a news release.

“It is important to me to remind our fans that we have always valued loyalty and respect for our customers,” Dorety said in the release.

“I’m excited to offer more opportunities to our fans, both now and in the future, to provide them with content that makes their day better and that helps them achieve their goals.

We will continue to grow the brand, our business and our team, and continue to deliver great customer service.

We look forward to a successful and prosperous 2017.”

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