It’s a good idea to have a clear business strategy, but the internet can help you keep up with what’s happening on the sports scene.

In a recent article on the BBC’s Sport Business, Andrew Moore of the company Dravid Media Solutions spoke to Dravids Sports Network and asked whether it’s possible to promote oneself via the internet.

“If you are going to be promoting yourself through the internet, it’s probably not a good strategy to do it via Twitter,” Moore explained.

“Twitter has its limitations.

The user interface is not intuitive.

The people behind it don’t have all the same expertise.”

Moore pointed to a recent episode of a BBC documentary that focused on the rise of social media in sport.

“In the film there’s an athlete named Andy [Sampson] who goes on to become a top player,” Moore said.

“The programme shows him on his first day on the pitch.

He’s in the middle of training.

There’s a camera on him and he’s walking around.

He has the microphone on his shoulder.

‘What do you think of my first day training?’

Moore said it was a good example of how the internet could help a brand.””

And the next thing you know, he’s on TV talking about how he’s the best.”

Moore said it was a good example of how the internet could help a brand.

“The internet has made it easier for people to get into your industry,” he said.

“People are now using social media to communicate with their fans, which makes the whole industry much more visible and accessible.”

To get a better idea of what’s going on in the world of sport, Moore is offering a free programme called the Dravidae Awards, which he said “shows how you can use the online world to drive your brand.”

“You could be a bit more specific and have a video to highlight some of the things that you are passionate about,” Moore told the BBC.

“You have got to be very, very, bold in what you are saying because the world is going to take notice of that and they are going, ‘Well that’s very nice.'”

Moore said he was also keen to point out that the internet was still an emerging market, and he was concerned about the lack of information about it.

“What I find worrying is that there’s no real regulation of it.

There is no regulatory framework,” he added.”

It’s all out there and you don’t know what’s really happening.

It’s an unknown for me.”

Dravid is offering an online course called the Digital Academy which teaches you how to create your own online marketing content.

“I think it’s important that we have a lot of information out there, and the best advice is to keep your eye on the ball,” Moore added.

“When you’re creating content, keep it simple and have fun.”

The Dravidian Awards is available to download for free on Dravidis’ website.

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