The Nissan Leaf is an electric vehicle, and it’s all but the first car to hit the market that’s been built with electric technology.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn wants to make electric vehicles the norm for the automotive industry.

But he knows that’s not possible without major investments in battery tech and infrastructure.

The Nissan company has committed $2.8 billion to electric vehicle development and a $4 billion investment to ramp up electric vehicle manufacturing.

This is one of the best opportunities Nissan has seen in years.

It’s the best investment in the automotive market.

And Nissan is not the only automaker investing in electric vehicles.

Ford is investing in a battery-powered electric SUV called Fusion.

Tesla, which is launching its own electric vehicle program in 2021, is investing heavily in electric vehicle research and development.

In 2016, Toyota announced it had spent $4.5 billion on battery research and a further $4 million on its own battery development program.

This year, Toyota has also committed $1 billion in investments in the battery technology industry.

Nissan has been investing in these batteries for a long time.

In 2014, Nissan announced that it would spend $1.2 billion in a joint venture with Toyota on a $1,000-per-kilowatt-hour battery research program.

Nissan also invested $1 million in a startup company that develops battery technology for electric vehicles that would become Nissan’s own battery supplier.

Nissan already has battery technology developed at a plant in Japan called R&D Advanced Technology Center, or RAC, and RAC is now the largest battery-making facility in the world.

RAC has a capacity of more than 400 megawatts.

In the last six months alone, the company has invested $800 million in battery development, according to Bloomberg News.

And now Nissan is bringing in its own experts to help develop the batteries for the Leaf.

This will be Nissan’s biggest investment yet in the electric vehicle market.

Nissan’s investment in RAC will allow Nissan to develop batteries for EVs and hybrids at its own plant, which it will eventually build and sell at its factory in Murano, Japan.

This new facility is Nissan’s first EV battery factory and will be used to develop battery technology and a battery pack for its Leaf EV, according a Nissan press release.

Nissan is making this investment because it wants to increase the efficiency of its EVs and hybrid vehicles, and because Nissan wants to help automakers like Tesla, Ford, and Toyota, as well as the hundreds of thousands of electric vehicle owners around the world who are moving to electric vehicles, to have access to the most efficient batteries possible.

Nissan wants electric vehicles to be as energy efficient as possible.

But electric vehicles will be more than just a fuel-efficient alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles.

The EV industry is already becoming a major player in the EV business.

EVs are now the most popular electric vehicle on the road, and in 2021 Nissan plans to sell around 5 million electric vehicles around the globe.

But to make EVs the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly options available to the EV industry, Nissan has to make them the safest and most reliable vehicles possible.

The batteries for Nissan’s Leaf EV are designed to withstand the extremes of weather and the constant vibration of an EV.

They also can handle temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which are common for EVs.

The battery pack has also been designed with an integrated safety feature that detects a vehicle is in an emergency situation and shuts down the electric motor.

Nissan hopes that by incorporating these safety features into the battery pack, the battery will be able to withstand more severe weather conditions.

Nissan plans on using this technology to power its electric vehicles for about 60 years.

And by the time the batteries are retired in 2035, Nissan hopes to have the most advanced battery technology in the industry.

The safety features will help Nissan’s EV fleet maintain a constant speed, range, and efficiency in the face of extreme weather conditions, according Nissan.

In addition to safety features, the batteries will also help Nissan achieve long-term emissions reductions.

By the time Nissan’s batteries retire, Nissan plans, EVs will be 50 percent more fuel efficient than they are today.

This makes EVs even more appealing for EV drivers, who can buy the Leaf at a lower price than they could in their old cars, and still have a reliable, environmentally-conscious electric vehicle for decades to come.

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