Sam’s club has announced promotion codes, which are codes used to unlock rewards at select Sam’s Clubs, in a bid to encourage people to try the Sam’s products and take advantage of discounts.

The codes were announced last week at Sam’s Supermarket in Adelaide.

Sam’s has also announced a new promotion code that will allow people to enter for free a special Sam’s Plus membership for the first time.

The codes will be available from July 2nd to August 12th, but can only be used once per customer.

Sam’s Supermarkets have also launched a sam’s clubs loyalty program, and Sam’s clubs offer members the opportunity to earn a Sam’s discount on a range of Sam’s goods, including Sam’s sandwiches, Sam’s fruit drinks, Sam ‘n’ Chips, Sams Club membership and Sams club card.

It is a limited time offer.

Sam’s is the most popular supermarket chain in Australia and has a huge customer base in the state of Victoria.

Sam says Sam’s codes will only be available for a limited period of time, so they can be redeemed after the promotion ends.

In addition, Sam says it will use its promotional code in-store, through Sam’s supermarkets, and via social media to offer discounts to customers.

“Sam’s has partnered with Sam’s to make sure Sam’s members have access to exclusive promotions that are available to them on a first come first serve basis,” a spokesperson said.

While Sam’s offers Sam’s a special discount on select Sams products, the codes are also used to redeem Sam’s rewards cards.

These are not the same codes as the Sams Plus membership, which is only available to members.

Some Sam’s code can be used in store, but some Sam’s will only work at Sams Supermarkets, while others will only make their way to Sam’s stores.

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