A Verizon Wireless promotional letter was the first to go live with no promotion code, an exclusive report from CoinDesk.

The company is expected to roll out more promotional codes in the coming weeks, CoinDesk reported on Monday.

Verizon’s new promotional code for the next two weeks is “VZ-1”, which is the only promotion code it will offer.

While Verizon will be the first company to offer such a code, other carriers and software vendors will likely follow suit, according to the report.

Verification required to use the codeVerizon Wireless announced in April it would allow its wireless customers to access the carrier’s smartphone apps for verification, but the company’s policy requires users to fill out a verification form before they can access the app.

The code for this week’s letter is a one-time-use promo code, which requires users must fill out the verification form once before they are able to sign up for Verizon’s new mobile apps.

The code is currently available on the Verizon website, but a company spokesperson told CoinDesk that Verizon plans to roll it out to other retailers later this month.

Verizas mobile apps are also the first for which it has made a commitment to rollout a free version.

This means that customers can sign up to use their mobile apps to take advantage of free plans or access Verizon’s mobile hotspots, which are limited to 200MB per month.

For those who are willing to pay, Verizon has also announced a $10 “V Z-1 Mobile Plan”, which will allow unlimited data, roaming, and texting on a 1GB data plan.

The full Verizon Wireless promotions code is as follows:Verizon wireless promo letter:VZ1: Free mobile hotspot for two weeks and 1GB of data for a year, with no code required to access.VZ2: $10 Verizon wireless promotional letter, with a $5 promotional code.

Verzas Mobile Plan: Unlimited data for two months, unlimited roaming, texting, and 3G hotspot.VZA1: $9.99/month with 1GB monthly data, no code needed.VDA1: VZ1 Mobile Plans, with unlimited data for one month, unlimited calling, and roaming for one person.VDS1: Verizon Wireless Mobile Hotspot, with 3GB data, unlimited voice and texting, free in-app purchases, and a free 30-day trial.VDU1: A Verizon prepaid mobile hotspatcher with unlimited voice, text, and data for $0.99 a month.VDO1: One month of Verizon prepaid, $9 a month unlimited data plan with no monthly service charge.VFE1: Unlimited data plan, with $9/month unlimited voice for 30 days, texting for 30 minutes, and 4G hotspots for one-hour free trial.VCU1/VZB1: For a one month unlimited voice plan, unlimited texting, $2/month, $1/month.VGG1: Two months of Verizon free mobile hotsphere.VGU1: Three months of unlimited data with no contract required.VGF1: Unlimited voice and unlimited texting for one year.VGH1: No contract required, unlimited data plans.VGV1: 10 months of data and unlimited voice at no cost.VGW1: 30 months of free mobile data, with 4G access.VGQ1: 1 year of unlimited mobile data at no charge.VGX1: 6 months of mobile data with a 3GB price drop for one of the best deals in the US.VXG1: Up to $99/year with 1G data for the price of $10/monthVXZ1/VCU/VDV1: 4 months of voice, unlimited text, 4G, and 1G service for a $1.99 monthly fee.VYW1: 2 months of no contract and unlimited data at $9 monthly fee, with 2GB data at the $0/month price.VZE1: 15 months of 5GB data with 1 year at no extra charge.

VZU1 (VZ/VDA): Unlimited voice for 60 days with no additional data charges.VZZ1: 8 months of 100GB data for no extra cost, with free in app purchases and unlimited texts and text messaging.VYY1: 5 months of 6GB data and 1TB data at a $9 price for 30 free days of in-store Wi-Fi access and 1 month of 4G for $9 per month with no data.VXL1: 16 months of 1TB of data at 2G speed, with access to 3G and 1.4G hotspres.VXX1: 12 months of 20GB of 4GB data each for $7 per month on a 30-month data plan at a price of

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