A new video on Instagram by Olive Garden’s marketing department shows how the food and beverage giant can use social media to drive sales.

The video, which will be posted on Thursday, shows an employee with a stylist helping a man decorate his new olive garden.

The company says it has more than 1.2 billion customers worldwide and is looking to grow its audience by 10% this year.

The employee in the video is not wearing a mask.

The video is part of a marketing campaign to promote Olive Garden products, which include olive oil, olive oil blends and salad dressing.

The campaign includes video ads and an Instagram campaign called “Olive Garden Promo.”

It also includes a video with an employee showing off a product with a new feature that allows customers to create a “promotional profile” that can be shared on social media.

It shows a man using a stylus to decorate a new olive tree, and the company shows off the video to promote the olive tree.

The Olive Garden promotion video, posted Thursday, will air in the coming weeks, said Lisa Dube, a marketing manager for Olive Garden.

It will be on Instagram, YouTube, YouTube Red, Vine and other social media channels.

Dube said the video was created using Instagram’s new advertising platform called Content Management Platform (CMP), which allows advertisers to post videos on social networks without having to do any of the traditional content production.

The goal is to allow brands to build a broader audience by allowing them to interact directly with customers and to use the same social media platforms as their competitors, Dube said.

The company has been working to increase its presence on social platforms and to target the same audiences it does with the traditional media.

In May, it announced that it was opening a digital agency in New York to promote its products.

The agency is expected to start operating next year, according to the company.

It also has been using social media in a more strategic way in its marketing and product development.

Last year, the company launched the hashtag #WeAreInIt for its olive oil campaign, which has been watched more than 25 million times.

In April, the brand launched a new Olive Garden promo video, featuring a new customer.

The Instagram video, titled “I love my new olive,” was posted in April and shows a customer with a haircut and a new product.

The Instagram video is similar to the one shown in April.

But the new promo video is much more graphic and has the customer looking at a painting of a new tree and the customer saying, “I’m so happy to be in the new Olive Gardens.”

“We want to show customers the value of a beautiful, natural product,” Dube told ABC News.

“That’s what the Instagram campaign is about.”

She said the company was using Instagram to reach a younger audience.

“We want people to see the value in the product and to see that the product has a high-quality and high-reward quality,” she said.

“They’re not just going to see it on Instagram.”

The new promo is part for the company’s brand, but also because the Instagram account was created by an employee, Dubes said.

In fact, the video, and other Instagram content, is the same account that the company uses to promote a range of products including its Olive Garden olive oil and the brand’s premium organic salad dressing, she said, adding that Olive Garden had not yet decided how it would distribute the new video.

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