A new Citibanks loyalty program has been announced, offering up to 20% off of your first month’s bill for customers who sign up for the new service.

The offer comes in the form of a promotional pricing bundle, with discounts of up to 50% off.

To get started, customers will need to sign up on the Citibanking.com website.

The deal will only work with the Citisign account, which Citibans is adding to its loyalty program, but it’s not the only Citibanked offer offering up a discount on your first bill.

Citi has offered discounts on many other Citibanc products, including Visa and Mastercard.

The Citibanka promotions are being made available to customers who are currently enrolled in the Citicare Card program, which is an alternative to Citibills loyalty program.

Those who have been approved for the Citiacare Card will be eligible to apply for the discounts.

The promotional pricing is available to Citicares customers for two years.

Citibank is also offering up 10% off on select Visa and Citi checking accounts, which offer up to $100 back per month.

Citing the Citinearver card’s $100 annual fee, the 10% discount applies to Visa cards only.

The new Citiank loyalty program will offer up savings of up 30% off for Citibat cards, up to 15% off Visa cards, and up to 5% off Mastercard cards.

Citi has a long history of offering discount card offers to its customers.

Its $100-per-month credit card is one of the largest in the world, and it’s the only one of its kind.

The credit card offers up to 1% cashback on purchases, and can be used to pay off credit card balances.

Other Citiban cards, like the $100 Citi Flex, have similar rewards programs.

For more, see CBS News Money & Life, on the CBS News Facebook page.

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