By Conor O’Brien – 3 December 2018A new promotional video from Domino has hit the web this week, but the message is not as sweet as it first appears.

As the headline of the promo video says, it is not for the faint of heart.

“Get excited, get excited, we are giving you an extra special deal,” it says.

The deal is on the menu in this Domino promotion.

If you’ve been following the Domino promotions you can tell you that this promotion is for real, but it seems that the promo was meant to be a promotional ploy, rather than a real offer.

It is not clear whether this was intended by the company or by its marketing team.

As with other promotions, it was advertised in the Dominos mobile app, on the homepage of and on the Dominas website.

It’s not just that the video has been posted online.

It has also been shared on social media, with the hashtag #dominomobile and hashtags #dominopromo, #dominosvideo and #dominaicamerica.

The promotional video also includes a message on the top of the screen, but we can’t make out what it says in all of it.

It says: “Get ready for this special promotion, we will deliver your favorite deals to your door this Christmas.

Just make sure you have an open invitation.

No one can stop you.”

What this means is that this promotional offer is valid for Domino’s mobile app for now, although the promotional offer could be extended to the desktop app in the future.

A tweet from Dominos marketing team (@dominos) Domino is selling out this Christmas for a special deal.

Enjoy! tweet also mentioned that it would be giving a one-time free Domino gift card to the lucky recipient.

A Twitter account from Dominaica (@dominamovie) It’s official, @dominames gift card is free this Christmas! pic

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