As the Jian Ghomehi trial gets underway in Calgary, the CBC has compiled a list of key facts and figures that might help you make sense of some of the accusations against the former CBC Radio host.

Ghomesh’s lawyer, Richard Koenigsberg, has pleaded not guilty to four charges of sexual assault.

Here’s what you need know about the allegations.


What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is a crime in Canada that can result in severe harm to a victim and can lead to a conviction.

This includes sexual assault against someone who is incapacitated or physically incapable of consenting to sex.

Sexual assault involves two acts, one physical and one psychological, and may involve penetration, touching or oral sex.

An accused person can also be convicted of an offence related to a “false report” of sexual offence.


Who is Jian Ghomser?

Ghomeshr’s lawyer Richard Koenigberg, who has pleaded guilty to three charges of assault and is due to be sentenced on Tuesday, has said that he is “fully committed” to seeking a sentence of 10 years in prison for Ghomeshar.

The Calgary-based lawyer says he is seeking the maximum punishment in the case.

“My intention is to plead guilty, but I would prefer to go to the maximum,” Koenigber said in a statement to CBC News.

3. “

At this time, I am not in a position to comment further.”


What happened during the trial?

On April 13, 2017, the day of the trial, Ghomeshe said he and his friend had been drinking and were going to have a night out with friends in the park.

They were interrupted by two men who told them they were police officers and that they needed to leave the park in order to investigate allegations against Ghomesha.

One of the men was wearing a police badge.

Ghomsehr says he was sexually assaulted by two police officers.

A video was later released showing one of the officers forcibly touching Ghomshar’s buttocks and groin.

Ghomeh says he then was kicked and punched by the officer and punched in the head.

“I think it was the second or third one that punched me in the face,” he said.

Ghomshe says he felt pain from the assault and has been hospitalized.

“It’s not the first time in my life that I have been sexually assaulted.

4. “

There’s never been a time that I’ve felt pain like that in my entire life,” he told CBC News in a recent interview.


What did Ghomesham tell police?

Ghomsh’s lawyer said the officer who assaulted him was one of two officers involved in the assault.

“They did not call the other officer to come in, so the other person was doing what was best for them,” Koenigsberger said.

He added that he believes the officer is the only person to be held responsible.

The other officer was identified as Sgt. Mark Thomas, who is now on administrative leave.

Thomas has not been charged with any crime.

“We believe that they’re responsible for the injuries they suffered.

They know what they did and what they meant to Mr. Ghometh,” Koenigeber said.


How does the JianGomeshi trial impact other sexual assault cases?

Ghomehr says the trial has changed the way the Canadian public is thinking about sexual violence.

“When JianGhomeshi was convicted, the public started to understand that the way we were dealing with sexual assault in Canada was not as straightforward as it used to be,” he says.

Ghomeshal says the JianGhomshi case has prompted him to write a book, which he says he hopes to sell. “

And that’s really important.”

Ghomeshal says the JianGhomshi case has prompted him to write a book, which he says he hopes to sell.

The book, called “I Was Told It Was Not Rape,” was released earlier this month.


What are the implications of Ghomeshig’s allegations?

The Ghomeshas said that they will take legal action to stop the publication of the book, but will also be open to discussing how to deal with other allegations of sexual violence in the Canadian community.

“To me, the most important thing about this is that we have a free society, and we have the right to make choices about what we want to live and how we want our lives to be structured,” Ghomesher said in an interview with CBC News last week.

“That’s not a crime.

That’s a choice.

That is a right.”

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