As social media has become a major battleground in the 2016 U.S. election, it’s also become a lucrative one for fake news publishers, who have seen their revenues skyrocket in the past few years.

The U.K. publisher and technology pioneer Newsmax, for example, has more than $2 billion in revenue and has been working with Facebook and Google to fight fake news on its platforms.

But the rise of fake news, including the proliferation of misinformation and conspiracy theories, has also made the online world a battleground for the fake news industry.

“If you’re going to say that the U.N. is a fake, that the pope is a god, that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, that Trump is a racist, that Muslims are a threat to our democracy, that there is a conspiracy that the world is controlled by evil people, that it’s a conspiracy, then you are doing something that is wrong,” said Andrew Breitbart, the controversial media personality and founder of Breitbart News, in a recent interview with Breitbart News.

“I think that people who are in that business and believe in the truth, who are looking for the truth and trying to expose it and defend it, and who are being attacked and attacked by a bunch of people in the media and on social media, that’s what it is.”

The fake news landscape has been evolving rapidly.

In April, the Trump administration released a report that claimed the U,N.

was fake news.

In response, the National Counterintelligence Center, which is a federal agency, announced that fake news would no longer be classified as a threat and that the Department of Homeland Security will no longer investigate and prosecute the fake stories published on social platforms.

The new policy is part of a broader push by U.T.U. and others to combat fake news and misinformation.

“Fake news is a global phenomenon that can be traced back to the very beginning of the 21st century and we’re now seeing a huge surge in the number of fake stories that are being published,” said John Wight, head of the UT.

N., in a statement.

“The U.P.S.’s report on the fake world is a first step in a larger effort to counter fake news that is now reaching our shores.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to work with the UUCC to provide more information on this phenomenon and the actions that will be taken to combat it.”

The UUccc said that it has identified more than 60,000 instances of fake content that have been posted on Facebook and more than 5 million instances of misinformation, which include content that purports to be from the U-N, the UPD, or the UCA.

“These are the most common types of fake articles that are circulating online and we know that a significant number of people are reading these fake stories,” said Dan Sallinger, head and chief executive officer of the United States News & Media Alliance, a coalition of fake-news publishers, in an email.

“This includes stories about the UPMC, the World Health Organization, and the UN.

We will continue working with our partners to identify and remove the content that has been posted to our platforms that have become fake and that will help drive down the number and number of instances of these stories.”

The coalition is also working to identify more than a dozen fake news organizations, including sites that use the Twitter platform to promote misinformation, including InfoWars and Infowars.

The group also has launched a website,, that will identify more fake news sites and help people find more information.

And the UPUC and its partners are also working with other U.UCC partners, including BuzzFeed and the Center for Public Integrity, to investigate reports of fake posts on Twitter and Facebook.

The fake content is spreading quickly, with thousands of articles published on Facebook in the last week alone.

The Facebook group called Fake News on Twitter, for instance, has nearly 10,000 followers, according to data from the site.

The news aggregator NewsBusters, meanwhile, estimates that more than 10,500 articles have been published on the site since the election on Nov. 8.

The Fake News Coalition has also developed a tool called Trending News to identify fake stories on social networks.

The tool is meant to help users flag and flagify stories and to provide the most accurate and comprehensive list of trending news stories.

The report on fake news also found that the average fake news story has generated more than 11 million Facebook likes.

The Coalition for the Protection of the First Amendment said that the report is important, given that fake information has proliferated across the Internet and that it is spreading from person to person.

“What we are seeing here is an unprecedented increase in the use of misinformation to push political agendas and push agendas that are harmful to democracy,” said Sarah Anderson, a senior policy analyst with the Coalition for Free Expression, in the report.

“It’s not just fake news we’re

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