Amazon has been running a promotional code promotion code campaign in the UK for the past few weeks, but now the UK’s biggest online retailer is giving away free hair-growing products for a limited time., the UK online retailer that includes Amazon Prime and Amazon’s own Prime subscription service, has launched a promotion code promotion that starts on Tuesday, June 18.

The code will expire on Wednesday, June 21, at 11:59pm BST. 

The Amazon promo code was launched by the retailer on Wednesday to encourage customers to shop at the store for their hair-care products and then to use the promotional code when they check out on Wednesday.

“ has teamed up with Amazon Prime to give customers a great deal on hair-conditioning and hair products to use when they shop for products online, including hair-lotion, shampoo, conditioner, conditioners and styling products,” the promotion code reads.

“As part of the promotional offer, customers can use the promo code to receive 10% off their next order of products from”

The 10% discount is available on both, and its own website, and it applies only to products purchased at Amazon.

It’s also available for online purchases from Amazon’s UK store, but only to customers who have Amazon Prime membership and Amazon Prime’s 30-day trial period.

“If you already have membership, you can get 10% in,” the promotional email states.

“For people who have a membership from Amazon Prime, they’ll get 10%.

For those who already have a Prime membership, they can still get 10 per cent, but it will only apply to Amazon.UK’s UK website.” 

“You can try the 10% offer on your account.

It will be valid until the 11:00pm BST (local time) on Wednesday.”

Amazon Prime customers can sign up for the Amazon promo codes offer by visiting the website here.

Amazon’s offer is also available to UK Prime members and anyone who already has a Prime account. has not yet announced the availability of the 10-percent offer in the United Kingdom.

The promotional offer is available for UK Prime customers and anyone with an Amazon.

Com account, who has not signed up for a free trial of Prime membership.

The promotion is available in the U.K. on both the Amazon Prime website and the platform.

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