Gamestop is introducing the first new-generation digital games in the retailer’s history this holiday season.

Gamestop announced Friday that it will release The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new action-RPG coming in 2017, as part of a special bundle.

The bundle will include a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS XL with an assortment of new game titles, including a variety of free-to-play titles, such as Pokémon GO and Rocket League, as well as more premium offerings such as Disney Infinity and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

In addition to Breath of Wild, The Legend will also include new games for the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3D TV and Wii U.

Nintendo previously announced that the next-generation Switch console would be the first gaming console to feature wireless controllers, and will be available starting in December.

Nintendo has also announced a number of other new games that will be arriving this holiday, including an original Wii U game, the latest Nintendo 3Ds XL game, a limited-edition version of Super Mario Maker, and more.

The company is also introducing a new “Super Nintendo” line of home entertainment systems, which include a gaming console, portable gaming systems, and portable video game systems.

The Super Nintendo Classic Edition, a bundle that includes a Nintendo 3GS, SNES Classic, and Game Boy Color, will also be available in select stores and online starting in January.

The system is currently priced at $299.99.

The Nintendo 3ds XL is a new, slim-and-light model with a 3.2-inch screen that runs Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7.0.

It comes in both white and black, and comes in two color options: red and black.

The 3DS is also available with a stylus, which is included in the console, as a feature that allows you to customize the size of your Nintendo 3.

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