The US Army promotion regulation, which requires the publication of training videos on Instagram and other social media platforms, is still in force and it has been used to protect athletes from sharing their training photos on social media.

In fact, it appears the regulation has made the sport even more appealing to the athletes.

But the issue is getting even more attention after a US Army promotional flyer revealed that the promotion is still being used by athletes to promote their own promotions and to promote other promotions.

The flyer also said that the US Army is not in compliance with the promotion regulation.

“Due to the military promotions regulation, no photos will be published on Instagram or other social platforms,” the flyer said.

“The Army is a civilian organization that does not disclose any information about its employees or their training programs.

This is a private company and we do not release our employee names, locations or other personal information about our employees to the public.

We will continue to work with our employees and the public to share information that may be useful to our troops.”

The US army has not issued a public statement on the matter.

It has not released a comment on the flyers, which have been widely circulated online, but a US military spokesperson said in a statement: “The promotion regulation remains in effect and does not prohibit the sharing of images from the Army.”

“There is no specific prohibition against the use of imagery for public relations purposes, including for promotional purposes.”

What is the US army doing about it?

The US military has a number of regulations that affect its athletes, and the regulations can impact the way they train.

The US service has a policy called the Performance Standards and Accountability for Soldiers and Military Personnel (PSAP) that outlines guidelines for the Army, which is a US armed force that fights in overseas conflicts.

According to the guidelines, athletes must follow strict standards, which include a zero tolerance policy for any violations of the rules.

According the PSAP, athletes are encouraged to maintain the standards they have set and to report any violations to the commander.

However, the guidelines do not specify which athletes are subject to these rules.

The rules apply to all US soldiers and military personnel, but some of the Army’s regulations are particularly strict and affect military personnel in the military.

Among the most important are the rules against bullying, violence and disrespect of the military, as well as the requirements for the use and display of official photographs and video.

The Army has also developed a training curriculum that is meant to prepare athletes to be able to lead their troops.

It recommends that athletes stay within the rules and be respectful of the public and their colleagues, but it also requires that they maintain the same standards and values.

“It’s important to remember that while we don’t have an official policy against bullying or disrespect, we have a lot of rules,” says Michael Mearns, director of communications for the US military.

“When athletes participate in an event, they’re obligated to maintain their standards and behaviours that will allow them to perform as well and as safely as possible.

We do a lot more to ensure our athletes are following these rules than we do to monitor them.”

What do the rules mean for athletes?

The rules are set out in a way that requires athletes to maintain discipline.

They are required to be respectful to their peers and colleagues, and they are expected to respect others.

In addition, they are encouraged not to harm others or harm others in the way that they can be expected to behave, even if they have a legitimate reason to be doing so.

According a statement by the US Military Academy, there are some restrictions that are specific to the Army.

“If an athlete is suspended for any reason, that suspension will be determined by the commanding officer,” the statement said.

There are some specific rules that apply to athletes in the US.

They must be respectful, not disruptive or confrontational, and be able maintain discipline while in uniform.

They cannot wear uniforms that are offensive or provocative, including military uniforms, and are not allowed to be disruptive to others.

They have to abide by the rules that are outlined in the PSA.

However the rules are not meant to be used as a blanket policy for the entire military.

There is no set rule that applies to all military personnel.

However it is clear that athletes have to follow the rules in order to be successful in their careers and their careers should not be jeopardised by these rules, says Mearnes.

“In the military you have to be a soldier.

You can’t be an athlete,” he said.

If you are a military person, you can still share your training videos online, even though you are prohibited from doing so by the military rules.

“We are not going to say it’s OK for them to post their training videos,” Mearness says.

“They can be offensive and disrespectful to others, but that is not a violation of the promotion regulations

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